CPS Energy is hiring a new CEO – they should pick a leader to help them go solar.

Under the leadership of the past CEO, Doyle Beneby, San Antonio’s municipally owned utility has made great strides to expand the use of renewable energy. But his departure leaves CPS’ solar future unclear. Now momentum is growing for a new "green" hire. 

Last Thursday, two dozen environmental, business, faith and civic leaders wrote the CPS Board of Trustees urging them to hire a replacement who will make solar the centerpiece of San Antonio's energy future. Then, on Saturday, the San Antonio Express-News editorialized "a dynamo in renewable energy to push innovation at CPS the essential factor in CPS Energy’s ongoing search for a new chief executive officer."

San Antonio has been the state leader in solar for a few years, but with the Austin city council approving contracts for another 450 megawatts of solar, the Alamo City risks slipping behind. Hiring a CEO who will go big on solar can help ensure San Antonio remains a leader and takes advantage of all the clean air and local economic development solar provides.