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Environment Texas
Natalie Ferrari

AUSTIN (KXAN) — As Texas continues to create more solar energy, one environmental group in Austin is calling on big box retailers to install even more solar panels.

Environment Texas, a state-wide environmental group, launched their campaign to get all Target stores to go solar. The group says installation of solar panels at retailers such as Target and Walmart would not only help the environment, but also reduce pollution, cut energy waste and save money.

The electricity produced by these panels would save Texas businesses nearly $584 million annually on their electric bills. Supporters of the plan say those savings could be passed down to consumers.

“Scientists tell us that we dramatically need to switch over from fossil fuels to clean energy like solar power,” says Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas. “So one of the best ways we can do that, cost effectively, is to take advantage of the huge rooftops that we have available on big box stores.”

Currently, there are four Target stores in Texas with solar panels—two of which are in Austin.