Texas fracking numbers are mind-boggling, but what do they really mean?

Environmental groups have analyzed the data and come up with a set of staggering numbers to illustrate the impact of fracking in Texas.


Environmental Groups Fight Proposed Texas Water Pipeline

Clean Water Action, Environment Texas, Environmental Stewardship and Save Our Springs Alliance claim the Vista Ridge water pipeline proposed to carry water from North Texas to San Antonio is not eligible for public funds. 


San Antonio poised to climb even higher as solar energy adopter

Environment Texas and the Frontier Group released their " Shining Cities Report" on Wednesday. The report ranked Los Angeles as number one with 215 megawatts of solar capacity by the end of 2015.


San Antonio ranks high among U.S cities for use of solar power

“Thanks to forward-thinking programs and leadership by CPS Energy, our report shows that San Antonio really shines when it comes to solar power,” said Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas, Environment America’s branch in the state.


At Texas oil and gas regulator, close ties to industry

State lawmakers have regularly shot down efforts to make the agency’s relationship with industry more transparent. Every session, for example, the Republican-led Legislature kills efforts to change the name of the agency — which has had nothing to do with railroad regulation for generations — to something like the Texas Energy Commission or Texas Oil and Gas Commission. The resistance by the industry to a name change is “partly because there’s a desire to keep it in the dark,” Gary Gates, a Houston-area businessman and largely self-financed Republican candidate for the commission, told the Statesman.