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PFAS - Forever Chemicals in our Food Packaging

PFAS is a dirty word, as one Texas airport executive recently told our Volenteer Monique Eckelmann.  Perhaps more than a dirty word, since even the FDA has acknowledged that there is scientific evidence that it causes serious health conditions. What is McDonald's doing to keep us safe? 

 | by
Ian Corbet
Conservation America Campaign, Associate

The consumer goods giant continues to make irresponsible use of the world’s forests.

In a world overrun by plastic pollution, Thanksgiving shouldn’t come with a side of plastic. That's why we're calling on Whole Foods to take action.

Energy saving tips that are written in the stars

 | by
Luke Metzger
Executive Director

Protecting 30 percent of our land and water by 2030 will take a multitude of smaller victories, precisely like this one.