A straw and a sea turtle: Why we should stop using single-use plastic

By | Michaela Morris
Associate, Oceans, Environment America

The video provides visceral imagery of the suffering caused by single-use plastic. Marine animals, like this turtle, not deserve to suffer extraordinary pain because of the vast quantities of disposable plastic products that end up in the sea. 

Environment Texas joins Transit For Austin coalition

By | Luke Metzger
Executive Director

A week and a half ago hundreds of Austin students walked out of school to join with millions of people across the planet to demand urgent action to tackle the climate crisis and help preserve a livable planet for their futures. We must heed their call. Transportation is this country’s number one source of climate change pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles surpasses every other source. We can’t solve global warming without changing how Americans get around.

A Day In the Life of an Environmental Advocate

By | Emma Pabst
Environment Texas Associate

On Thursday I hosted a press conference about our new report on illegal air pollution in San Antonio, and I had to wake up at the unholy hour of… 6am. Okay, so, I know I’ve made it through worse, but 6am?! I can barely manage to make breakfast at that hour, let alone pull together the materials for an entire press conference.

A new wave of legislation against offshore drilling

By | Kelsey Lamp
Protect Our Oceans, Advocate

Earlier this month, a group of legislators from both coasts signed onto a wave of eight bills in Congress aimed at blocking the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan.