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The Clean Water Network

The people who take action to clean up and protect our rivers, lakes and streams need all the help they can get. Since 2014, our Clean Water Network has connected these local heroes with each other, uniting more than 250 local and regional watershed groups around the country so they can be more effective champions for clean water.

Texas Clean Air Project

Industrial facilities in Texas violated clean air laws every single day in 2019, illegally releasing over 174 million pounds of pollution, including chemicals linked to asthma and cancer. Backed by our members, Environment Texas Research and Policy Center is standing up to the polluters and demanding they follow the law and stop polluting our air.

Tell Whole Foods: Planet Over Plastic

A garbage truck worth of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute — and once there, it can injure or kill birds and marine animals such as sea turtles. A major source of this pollution? Single-use plastic packaging, like the kind that comes with the food you buy at the grocery store. In order to turn the tide on plastic pollution, we need corporations to do their part to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.

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Shining Cities 2020

Shining Cities 2020

Save the Bees

Bees are dying off at an unsustainable rate, with serious consequences for our natural world. They play a vital role as pollinators, and losing them would have a devastating ripple effect across all ecosystems. That’s why we’re working to expand bee habitats and stop the use of bee-killing pesticides.