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Bridging the Climate Divide

Americans are already experiencing the effects of climate change, from stronger storms, to more frequent floods, to worsening wildfires and more. And yet, Congress remains gridlocked when it comes to climate action.
There’s a tragic irony at the heart of that gridlock: Many of the elected representatives in Washington, D.C. who oppose climate action represent the very communities that lie in the paths of the hurricanes, floods and wildfires being turbocharged by climate change.

Blocking Rooftop Solar


Ban Flaring

We all know someone affected by asthma, respiratory disease, or cancer: pollution can kill. Yet, every day, methane flares in Texas’ Permian Basin emit as much life-threatening pollution as 3 coal-fired power plants. Since 2013, oil producers have sent over 1 trillion cubic feet of fracked gas up in flames -- fouling the blue skies over Texas, wasting a finite resource, and emitting millions of tons of heat-trapping pollution. We’re calling on the Railroad Commission of Texas to keep our communities safe by ending flaring operations across our state.

America's Top Colleges for Renewable Energy

Accidents waiting to happen

100% Renewable

We’re promoting a bold and clear vision of a greener, healthier world, one powered solely by clean, renewable energy. We’re also taking concrete steps right now that will bring us closer to the world we want to live in. Our 100% Renewable campaign is focused on the arenas in which we can make the most immediate progress, like states, cities, and college and university campuses.