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News Release | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Fort Worth ahead of Dallas on solar energy

AUSTIN - Fort Worth has slightly more total solar energy, and 50% more solar per capita, than Dallas, according to a new report released today by Environment Texas Research & Policy Center. The results come from the seventh edition of Shining Cities 2020: The Top U.S. Cities for Solar Energy, ahead of the expected approval by the Dallas City Council of a new climate plan which includes new goals for solar energy.

News Release | Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Austin Community College shifts two campuses to 100% renewable electricity

Austin Community College (ACC) announced a plan yesterday to power two campuses, ACC Round Rock and ACC Elgin, with 100 percent renewable electricity beginning in June 2020.  With this announcement, ACC joins other higher education leaders in Texas such as Southwestern University and the University of North Texas in shifting to clean, renewable electricity. ACC is the first community college district in Texas to switch over some of its campuses entirely to wind and solar power. The announcement comes after Environment Texas Research and Policy Center was joined by 100 faculty in a letter in March encouraging ACC to continue its leadership by committing to transition off of fossil fuel energy.

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Houston backs electric vehicles in climate plan

“We applaud the city's commitment to electric vehicles, including 100% electric vehicles for its own fleet, partnering with METRO to electrify buses, and working to make 30% of new car purchases in Houston electric by 2030. The coronavirus crisis shows us that clean air is possible without so many polluting cars on the road. We don’t have to settle for dirty air again when life returns to normal.”

News Release | Environment Texas

Railroad Commission gives out 16 licenses to pollute

“I know we’re all getting used to Zoom, but were the Commissioners watching some other hearing last week?” asked Emma Pabst, Global Warming Solutions Associate with Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. “The proration hearing made strikingly clear that industry and environmentalists are united in calling for flaring cuts. Yet, the Commission voted to give out 16 more licenses to pollute today. It just doesn’t make any sense.” 

News Release | Environment Texas

Environment Texas Urges the Railroad Commission of Texas to Order Production Cuts

Emma Pabst, Global Warming Solutions Associate with Environment Texas Research and Policy Center, will today deliver the following testimony to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC): “I urge you to use the power granted to you by the great state of Texas in order to issue statewide production cuts, prorating cuts to companies with the worst rates of flaring. Such a step will help stabilize the market, while significantly reducing the damage from flaring.”