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News Release | Environment Texas

Texas Ranks 7th in U.S. for Solar Jobs

AUSTIN – Environment Texas today released new data showing that Texas has the 7th most solar-related jobs in the country with an estimated 3,346 people employed by the solar industry.  Environment Texas was joined in releasing the new data at the Las Casas Verde Solar subdivision in South Austin.

News Release | Environment Texas Research & Policy Center

Christmas Mountains to be Transferred to Texas State University System

AUSTIN - Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson announced today intentions to transfer the Christmas Mountains to the Texas State University system. This would make the land an "outdoor classroom, open to all — including hunters — with conservation of the land guaranteed forever."

News Release | Environment Texas

Environment Texas Releases 2011 Legislative Scorecard

Twenty-six representatives and two senators voted to protect the environment 100% of the time in the 82nd Legislature, according to Environment Texas’ biennial legislative scorecard. Meanwhile, three Representatives and one Senator failed to cast a single pro-environment vote. The scorecard tracks votes on a range of votes affecting the state’s air, water, natural areas, and quality of life.

News Release | Environment Texas

Environment Texas Releases Plan to Transition Texas Off Oil

AUSTIN – A comprehensive strategy to get off oil can reduce oil dependence in Texas by 180 million barrels a year by 2030, according to a new report released today by Environment Texas. This is equal to 82% of Texas oil imports from the Middle East every year.

News Release | Environment Texas

San Antonio Power Plant Expected to Be Retired

SAN ANTONIO – Environment Texas hailed the expected announcement today by San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro that the city-owned CPS Energy will retire the polluting Deely power plant by the year 2018 and replace its power with additional investments in solar energy. According to research by Environment Texas, in 2009, the Deely plant emitted 3657 tons of nitrogen oxide, a key precursor to smog pollution. The two Deely smokestacks join with the two “Spruce” units to make up the Calaveras Power Station, which an April Environment Texas report found ranked 11th out of the state’s 20 power plants for mercury pollution.  And according to a study by the Clean Air Task Force, power plant pollution in Bexar County is linked to 282 asthma attacks and 11 deaths every year. Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger released the following statement: