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News Release | Environment Texas

Luminant to close two more coal plants

AUSTIN - Just a week after announcing closure of its Monticello coal-fired power planting, Texas electric generator Luminant announced today planned closures of its Big Brown and Sandow coal plants, as well as their Three Oaks coal mine. Those plants have a combined electric capacity of 2,300 megawatts. According to Environment Texas Research and Policy Center's 2013 report America's Dirtiest Power Plants, the Big Brown power plant ranked as the 61st most polluting plant in the U.S., putting out 8.6 million metric tons of carbon emissions, equal to the pollution of 1.79 million cars. 

News Release | Environment Texas

Southwestern University and University of North Texas lead Texas colleges in renewable energy

AUSTIN-  Southwestern University in Georgetown and the University of North Texas in Denton lead Texas colleges in use of renewable energy, according to an analysis released today by Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. Both universities are powered 100% by wind and solar energy from their municipal utilities, Georgetown Utility Systems and Denton Municipal Electric. Fifteen more Texas colleges report at least some use of renewable energy, including from on-campus solar installations and power purchase agreements for utility-scale wind or solar energy. Environment Texas Research and Policy Center today also released Renewable Energy 101: Ten Tools forMoving your Campus to 100% Clean Energy, a series of factsheets highlighting 10 key tools to help Texas universities with building a 100 percent clean, renewable energy system.

News Release | Environment Texas

Trump administration announces repeal of EPA’s Clean Power Plan

AUSTIN – Today, the Trump administration announced that it plans to repeal the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, our best climate program to limit carbon pollution from dirty power plants. 

News Release | Environment Texas

One of Texas' dirtiest power plants to close

AUSTIN - Citing the poor economics of coal, Texas electric generator Luminant announced this morning plans to retire its 1800 MW Monticello coal burning power plant in January. The forty year old Monticello plant, at peak production one of Texas’ most polluting power plants, had run intermittently in recent years as the plant became less competitive with cleaner generation on the Texas electric grid.

News Release | Environment America

Health, Business, and Community Voices Urge EPA to Keep Clean Water Rule

Today more than 600 leaders from 43 states – including doctors and nurses, business owners, state and local officials, and watershed activists - urged U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to maintain the Clean Water Rule.  Environment America Research & Policy Center submitted their comments in response to EPA’s proposal to dismantle the Rule, which restored federal protections to drinking water sources for 117 million Americans.